We want to understand what is Care.

Why? Because we think that Care has many ways of being seen and expressed, depending on your own unique context and perspective: who you are, where you are and what you do.


What do you mean when you think about Care for yourself or others? How would you define it, in your own words? What does Care represent for you, in terms of qualities and value?

With a shared and deeper understanding of Care, we believe we can design better care experiences for people.

So, we are asking this simple question - What is care for you? - 

to as many different people as we can - doctors, nurses, social workers, teachers, patients, caregivers, citizens, leaders of care organisations, policy makers and influencers, volunteers and anyone of us involved in caring for someone.


And what is the goal?


To consolidate the knowledge we gather together and find constructive and positive ways to give back the insights and findings: e.g. Toolkits for people to have richer discussions about Care, Talks to promote the conversation around Care, Articles to share feedback and reflections.

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WHAT IS CARE? Is an initiative of The Care Lab

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